Laser optics- laser focus lens

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A focus lens in a Co2 laser cutter/engraver converges the laser beam to create a focus point where the laser is cutting or engraving the material. This point is at the sharpest convergence of the beam, and is commonly referred to as the ‘spot size’. Several factors affect this spot size, which will ultimately determine the outcome of your project.

The most common lens options are 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 inch. These measurements refer to the focal length, required for each lens to be perfectly in focus. For example, a 1.5” lens needs to be precisely 1.5” above the face of the material to be properly focused. The main factors differentiating each lens, is spot size and depth of focus. The smaller lens, the smaller the focal length and spot size.ZnSe lenses can be fabricated in diameters from 4.0mm up to 250mm, in thicknesses from 1mm to 25mm., and focal lengths from 3.0mm upwards. Standarded size listed in table below

For special applications, non-standard sizes can be made to order.

1. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, and made to special order, standard tolerances are:

Diameter : +0/-0.1mm

Centre thickness : ± 0.1mm

Centration : ETV ≤ 0.05mm

Surface form : Spherical within λ/80 at 10.6μm over any 25mm dia test area.

Focal length : Designed and fabricated within 0.5%.

Surface roughness : Within 20Å rms (usually 12Å rms).

Absorption : 0.10% – 0.20% depending on thickness.

Transmission : >99.6% when AR/AR coated for 10.6μm.

2. Standard lenses are AR/AR coated for 10.6μm. Other AR coatings include:

Laser AR/AR for other wavelengths (eg: 3.39μm, 16μm)

Laser AR/AR for CO lasers (5.0-6.0μm)

Broadband coatings (3-5um or 8-14μm)

Wideband coatings (eg: 3-12μm)

Dual-band coatings (eg: AR/AR for 633nm and 10.6μm)

Standard AR/AR coatings are very-low absorption, which helps to minimize thermal lensing effects when used with high intensity laser beams.

Plano-convex lenses are generally inferior in performance to the optimum meniscus type for focusing a CO2 laser beam, although they may be less expensive (in quantity) requiring less raw material to manufacture. Yasi Optics offer as standard the superior meniscus type, usually made in quantity to reduce unit costs.Where the plano-convex type is specified by a customer, it can be customized too.


1. Optical substrate: PVD CVD Znse, GaAs, Germanium

2. High quality double-sided antireflective film;  Table mask firmly, not easy to fall off, Scratch resistance;

3. Smaller focused spot,can withstand higher power; 

4. Top optical polishing techniques, Higher light transmittance;    Transmittance reached 99.8%;


1. CO2 laser focal lens can be applied to CO2 laser engraving/cutting machines.

2. Generally, a laser machine needs 1 piece of focal lens and 3 reflective mirrors.

3. For engraving, it’s recommended to use the lens of focal length 38.1/50.8mm; for cutting, lenses of focal length 63.5/76.2/101.6mm are more commonly used.

4. Suggestion: convex upward, the plane side faces to material.

Product Parameter



Focal length(mm)



Edge thickness(mm)



China PVD/ USA CVD Znse





CO2 laser focusing lenses are widely used in laser machining (cutting, drilling, welding, engraving, etc.) and various laser systems. To meet the demand of the market, our company has developed two types of products: Plano convex and meniscus lenses.

The feature of our meniscus lenses is it can withstand high power density, its film is strong and wiping resistant, and with AR coating on both surface, its transmittance is high with small facula.


China PVD/ USA CVD Znse




China PVD/ USA CVD Znse




China PVD/ USA CVD Znse




China PVD/ USA CVD Znse




China PVD/ USA CVD Znse




China PVD/ USA CVD Znse




China PVD/ USA CVD Znse



Customized size can be fabricated according to customer's drawings and samples, pls inquire with us if you are in need

Laser focus lens

Laser optics- laser focus lens

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