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Right angle prisms (RAP) are widely used for rotating image and redirecting the input light. They are the main components for polarizing and non-polarizing cube beamsplitters. The total internal reflection (TIR) in the right angle prisms with specific anti-reflection (AR) coatings on the two leg sides make themselves the perfect alternatives of 45 degree mirrors. Please refer to our right angle prism mirror for the details.

There are three common uses for right-angle prisms in everyday laser applications – laser path deviations by 90° and 180°, and beam-splitting by 90° with knife-edge right-angle prisms.

Our right-angle prisms are made from UVFS or BK7 materials, with both options available uncoated or coated depending on your application. A right-angle prism can be a cost-effective solution when there is a need to reflect light at a 90° angle. Such prisms provide an easier alignment advantage than a regular dielectric mirror, though higher input-beam losses will be noticed.

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Another effective use of a right-angle prism is as a 180° reflector that allows you to turn a beam backwards with only one optical element. In all cases, the prism legs or hypotenuse can be coated with dielectric coatings to improve the performance of the optical element.

When the input light is incident from hypotenuse surface, the light will be fully reflected in the glass / air interface at the right angle surfaces. The second total reflection occurs at next right angle surface.

Compared to regular reflective mirrors, right angle prisms are easily to be mounted; further its reliable mechanical stress has better stability and strength. Hence right angle prisms have been considered as suitable alternatives to reflective mirrors in various applications.


• Laser or laboratory quality

• Fused Silica or Glass

• 90 or 180 degree reflection

• Antireflection coatings available

Product Parameter

Right Angle Prisms are typically used to bend image paths or for redirecting light at 90°. Right Angle Prisms produce inverted or reverted left handed images, depending on the orientation of the prism. Using two Right Angle Prisms together is ideal for image or beam displacement applications. These prisms are also known as image reflection or reflecting prisms. Yasi can make high precision silicon right prism with low arc second angle tolerance, which can be used for various infrared applications. For size available or customized size, pls contact with our sales for inquiry.

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