High precision custom K9 BK7 B270 Optical Grade glass window

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Optical Windows are flat, optically transparent plates that are typically designed to maximize transmission in a specified wavelength range, while minimizing reflection and absorption. They are often used to protect optical systems and electronic sensors from an outside environment. Because windows introduce no optical power into a system, windows should be selected based on the material transmission properties, optical surface specifications, and the mechanical properties that match your application.

Yasi offers a wide variety of optical windows made from materials like N-BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire, Germanium, Zinc Selenide, Calcium Fluoride, and Magnesium Fluoride. Parallel or wedged optical windows can be purchased with laser grade surface quality and surface flatness for common or very demanding interferometer measurements. Yasi also offers anti reflection coated optical windows to improve the transmission from UV to IR wavelength regime.

Production capability: 1000-3000pcs per month

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Optical windows are a critical component in a variety of applications which require minimal optical impact with maximum mechanical separation between two environments.Ideally, the window has minimal impact upon the beam transmission properties: does not reflect, absorb, or scatter the beam; does not distort or impact the wavefront; does not bend or deviate the beam path.The mechanical separation may require thermal, chemical, or environmental tolerance. Careful material selection and coating design is often required to achieve all of the mechanical separation as well as the optical needs.

Optical windows are utilized in lasers, testing chambers, and other systems where the environment on one side may be pressurized, filled with a specific gas, or otherwise need to be chemically separated from the other. The window needs to transmit the photon energy with minimal disruption (highest transmission, lowest absorption and scattering, and minimal polarization or optical path distortion).The highest quality optical windows from Yasi demonstrate very high parallelism, supremely low surface roughness, low transmitted and reflected wavefront errors, and are optical transparent at the operational wavelength range.Window material is chosen based on environmental factors such as acidity of atmosphere, strong vacuums, high pressures, or high temperatures and the operational wavelength range.


Biomedical instrumentation, corrosive chemistry, directed energy applications, industrial instrumentation, IR imaging, laser cavities, machine vision, multiphoton imaging.

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AR coating or reflecting coating




Optical glass/glass ceramics /Fused silica

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