Germanium optics-Pechan prism

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An optical prism is a solid, transparent optic with flat surfaces which refract light. Light enters through one surface, and may be rotated, deviated, or dispersed before leaving through another surface. These surfaces are highly polished, and the angles between them, the number of surfaces, and the position of them determine the function of the prism.

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Since optical prisms redirect light at a designated angle, they may be used to reflect light, to bend it within a system, to change the orientation of an image, or to break light up into it component wavelengths or polarizations. Isaac Newton used a simple prism to disperse a beam of white light into the full spectrum of component colors, proving that white light was in fact nothing but a combination of colors. This same dispersion technique is still used in spectrographs and refractometers. Optical prisms can also be used, in reverse, to combine optical beams into one.

Prisms may be divided into four main types: dispersion prisms, reflection prisms, displacement prisms and rotation prisms.

A Schmidt–Pechan prism is a type of Optical Prism used to rotate an image by 180°. These prisms are commonly used in binoculars as an image erecting system. The Schmidt–Pechan prism makes use of a roof prism section. A binocular using Schmidt–Pechan prisms can be constructed more compactly than one using Porro or Abbe–Koenig Roof Prisms .A Schmidt–Pechan prism is sometimes called a Pechan prism pair.

Yasi optics supply a range of quality Ge prisms either from stock or bespoke custom made to your specification for a range of applications. Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of the art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards.

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A Schmidt–Pechan prism is a type of optical prism used to rotate an image by 180°.It is a composite of two prisms, separated by an air gap. The "roof" section of the upper prism flips (reverts) the image laterally with two total internal reflections in the horizontal plane from the roof surface: once on each side of the roof. This latter pair of reflections can be considered as one reflection in the vertical plane. Both inversion and reversion together cause a 180° rotation of the image.

Its transmission wavelength is 2--12 μm, which is commonly used in infrared optical system or infrared spectrometer system. If the product is available or needs to be customized, please contact the sales department. For size available or customized size, pls contact with our sales for inquiry.

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Germanium or other optical crystal

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