Germanium optics-Ge wedge prism

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The wedge prism is a prism with a shallow angle between its input and output surfaces. This angle is usually 3 degrees or less. Refraction at the surfaces causes the prism to deflect light by a fixed angle. When viewing a scene through such a prism, objects will appear to be offset by an amount that varies with their distance from the prism.By combining two wedge prisms to a Risley prism pair, one can realize an adjustable amount of beam deflection, depending on the relative orientation of the prisms.

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Wedge prisms are often made with a circular cross section (so that they could strictly speaking not be called prisms!), suitable for insertion into a rotatable mount. Such a round prism may be placed on a rotating axis, resulting in a rotating beam direction.Wedges may also be used for fine adjustment of the amount of material inserted into a beam, e.g. in order to adjust the obtained amount of chromatic dispersion for ultrashort pulses. If the wedge angle is sufficiently small, there is no substantially variation of path length within the beam diameter. Variable insertion also causes a slight transverse offset of the beam position.

Wedge prism is an optical element with plane-inclined surfaces, usually the surfaces are inclined toward one another at a very small angles. It diverts light toward its thicker portion. Wedge prisms can be used as isolating components. Wedges may also be used to produce a small deviation which doesn’t allow return to source.

Yasi Optics can provide Wedge pirsm made out of BK7, Fused Silica, BaF2, KBr, Silicon, Germanium and ZnSe according customer's specifications. Standard wedge angles are 30', 12', 1°, 2°, 5° and 7.5° but we can make any angle. Please contact us for quotation of your custom optical wedge price!


Ideal for Beam Steering

0.5° - 15 ° Beam Deviation Options

Available Uncoated or Anti-Reflection Coated


1. laser-beam steering,


3.variable focusing

Product Parameter

Wedge prism has plane inclined surfaces. It deflects light toward its thicker portion. It can be used individually to deflect a beam to a special angle. Two wedge prisms work together can assembly an anamorphic prism to correct the elliptical shape of laser beam. The wedge prism is ideal for laser beam steering applications. By combining two wedges pf equal power in near contact and independently rotating them with angle deviation less than 10 degree,  a ray passing through the combination can be steered in any direction with a narrow cone.It is applied to optical systems such as infrared imaging or monitoring, telemetry or infrared spectroscope.For size available or customized size, pls contact with our sales for inquiry.

Technical    Requirement

Commercial Grade

Precision Grade

High Precision

Size range




Dimensional tolerance




Thickness tolerance




Angle deviation




Surface quality




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3-5μm OR 8-12μm AR, <2% per Surface





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