1.What is Nature of your company (factory or trader)?

---- We are factory

2.What is your product material, model, capacity, size, packaging method, packing quantity, gross and net weight?

----- We can provide our company catalogue for you to review

3.What is Customs HS code of your product?


4.What is Mass production lead time of your products?

----- It depends on the specification of product and order quantity, usually for custom product, production lead time will be 30 days.

5.Are samples provided free of charge?

------ It depends on potential order quantity and if we have any sample on stock

6.What is the cost of the sample and the production lead time of the sample

------ It depends on specification of sample

7.What is Mailing method of samples?

------- Mailing By international express company, such as Fedex, DHL, or UPS

8.What is your company size, number of production and R & D personnel

-------- Total employee: 80, number of product 60, R&D personnel 5

9.What is the actual address of your company. Can I make a field visit?

-------Add:No. 2, Building 28, No. 2, Section 1, Guangzhou Road, Guanghan District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. We are welcomed for your visit

10.Does your company have quality management standards and corresponding management systems

------ We are ISO ISO 9001 : 2015 certified

11.Does your company's product have an international third-party independent inspection certificate

------ We are RoHS & REACH compliant

12.After sales service scope and service period of products

------- We provide 3 to 6 months warranty

13.Does the product itself support OEM customization?

------ We can provide OEM customization

14.What is the minimum order quantity for a product

------- Usually MOQ is 5 to 10 pieces for sampling